Listed below are several of the unique physiological pathways that are utilized by Focus Fast® to improve the storage and processing of information in the brain.

6 Physiological Pathways

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Increase Blood flow to the brain

Several scientific studies have shown that an increase in the core blood flow to the brain helps to decrease the effects of aging. Optimizing blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients into the brain, which helps you to process information faster and more accurately on cognitive tasks.

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Increases the speed of neuronal transmission

When you increase the support of your neurons (the brain’s computer chips) to transfer information between each other you see an immediate increase in your response time. This increased speed of transmission allows your cells to communicate faster with one another and enhances overall cognitive performance.

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Increases the capacity to store and recall information

The capacity to store information in your memory is increased as a result of the synergy between increased blood flow to the brain and increased neuronal transmission. Short-term and long-term memory enhancing affects as well as your ability to recall information. The pathways used to retrieve information are now easier and faster for the brain to access.

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Provides precursors to neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters optimize the neurons to transmit their messages to each other across the gaps between cells. By providing the necessary raw materials to make neurotransmitters support the brain, it is able to communicate faster with cells in different areas. An abundance of raw material means that when your brain needs to think fast it has the ability and support to produce the necessary neurotransmitters to carry out the task quickly and effectively.

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Increases uptake of neurotransmitters

Increasing the core uptake of neurotransmitters allows your brain to transmit it signals as fast as possible. The cells become increasingly sensitive and therefore readily to do the work.

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Improves the life of neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters have to cross the synaptic cleft (i.e., the area between the cells) in order to pass their message on to other cells. By increasing the amount of time the neurotransmitters stay in the synaptic cleft, you increase the ability of the surrounding cells to carry out the message through stimulation.

A typical brain optimizer uses only one of the aforementioned ways to improve the storage and processing of information in the brain. Often containing a few amino acids, a multitude of these products would have to be taken for all of the various pathways to be properly activated. Naturally, with Focus Fast®, you are ensuring that each pathway is being activated to the core!

Focus Fast Quality

We have teamed up with molecular biologists, physicians, pharmacists, and herbalists to ensure our formula is sourced and produced by the best means possible. This is extremely important as herbs, vitamins, and natural compounds can be sourced through many places around the world and so choosing the right ones are factors to consider. There are many companies that manufacture dietary supplements – but who really knows what goes into these products? How do you know they are really using high quality ingredients?

With Focus Fast® you can be assured that each bottle contains only the highest pure grade of quality ingredients. Manufactured in a state of the art facility that uses innovative-patented technologies, each formula contains a certificate of analysis proving that what you see on the label is in fact, in the product.

Furthermore, our dedication to quality is an important factor, which is why the Focus Fast® formula is manufactured in a Food and Drug Administrated (FDA) inspected facility, which operates under the strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); it is also independently approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) and certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Finally, Focus Fast® is subject tova rious rigorous state-of-the-art scientific testing measures such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), which guarantees the utmost purity in your product.

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