Increase focus

If you’re like most people, you don’t give too much thought about how you think. Sounds kind of weird, I know. However, there are a few things that everyone should know which can help increase focus with relatively no effort.

Rule #1 – Stay hydrated, aka drink lots of fluids. Whether you are healthy, sick, or otherwise it is important to keep your body well hydrated for overall health and well-being. Did you know that one of the signs of dehydration is confusion? When you are dehydrated your brain actually receives less blood.

Rule #2 – Consume herbs and spices. Many herbs and spices contain compounds that allow the electrical signals in your brain to be transmitted faster. Spices such as rosemary leaf have been shown to increase focus..

Rule #3 – Practice meditation. Meditation may conjure up some uncomfortable images for some but rest assured that the brain will be better able to focus if you spend some time each day in a quiet and relaxing place. You are actually training your brain to improve its mental focus. Remember practice makes perfect.

Rule #4 – Become a creature of habit. That is, of healthy habits such as waking up and going to sleep at roughly the same time each day. Studies have shown that humans as well as many other species have natural body rhythms. One of these natural body rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle. If you’re constantly burning the midnight oil and then rising early the next morning to go to work or school, you’re throwing a wrench in your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. This will definitely hurt your ability to increase focus.

Rule #5 – Eat at least one fruit and vegetable everyday. It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables provide a variety of health-producing nutrients but it may come as a surprise to some that being deficient in any of these vital nutrients can actually make your brain function decrease. So just to be on the safe side make sure you get a daily serving of both fruits and veggies.

There you have it. The five things that everyone should know in order to increase focus quickly and easily.

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