Improve your reading skills

Reading is a powerful tool in our society. Everywhere you look words leap out at you, enticing you to learn more about what they have to say. Being a strong reader can have an amazing impact on study skills and how you interact with the world. It can also help your imagination go on amazing adventures that you can only dream about. So, how can you improve your reading skills and help your children to improve their reading skills? There are many ways, but here are a few simple suggestions.

Have books available. Children are naturally curious. If you have lots of books around on various topics, children will often be drawn to them. When they are young, find books with bright colors and fun pictures. This will draw their visual attention and keep them wanting more. Also, look for books with various textures (like the animal books where you get to feel the different types of fur). You can make a special reading corner that is a nice, cozy place for them to go and look at their books.

Make it fun. Children love to use their imagination and play “make believe.” Try reading a story and then find costumes or make props that can help them to act out what they have read. It’s a great way to get them involved in the story and exercise their imagination.

Grab their imagination. Reading became hugely popular again when Harry Potter hit the scene at Hogwarts. Children and adults, entranced by the stories, flocked to bookstores for the latest Harry Potter books. People encouraged each other to read again. Ask your child’s teacher or librarian for suggestions about books that charge the imagination. If they get caught up in the story, they are more likely to keep reading.

If you improve your reading skills, you improve your child’s learning possibilities and improve their brain activity. Giving your child the gift of reading will be a lifelong blessing for them. You are giving them the tools they need for success and to have countless adventures. Reading is a powerful tool. Encourage your child and all of your family members to use it!

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