Ways To Improve Your Memory

Are memory problems affecting your day-to-day life? Try these simple memory-enhancing techniques to improve your short- and long-term memory.

  • Concentrate: Remember to focus your attention on what you are trying to learn. Distractions that occur while you are trying to learn information can have a dramatic impact on your ability to retain it. Try to minimize anything that may interfere with your ability to take in information like background noise or stress. If you are not able to focus your attention, then the process that takes the information from the short-term to long-term memory will not work.
  • Use the Information: Repeating the information frequently after learning it can greatly enhance memory recall. Try adding what you have learned into conversations or teaching it to others. The more you use the information, the easier it is to retrieve it from your memory.
  • Get Organized: Write things down, create lists and keep a calendar to help you remember appointments. The key to this technique is to remember to actually look at the information! Also, leave a basket by the front door so that you can leave items like your keys and wallet in the same location everyday. This can seriously cut down on the time you spend looking for them.
  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle: Eating healthy foods (especially foods that contain vitamins that improve memory, such as vitamin B12) can help you with your goal of achieving a better memory. Getting plenty of rest can also help you to maintain focus. Finally, avoid using alcohol and tobacco. Using these substances has a proven correlation with memory loss.
  • Use Mnemonic Devices: Some people have great success in improving memory by using these memory techniques. For example, try attaching a visual picture to the word you are trying to remember. If you are trying to remember that you need to turn right on River Road, focus your mind on a picture of a river. Other techniques you can use are creating acronyms or using the method of “chunking” information. This involves breaking down the group of items into smaller “chunks” that are easier to remember.

Memory loss doesn’t have to impact your daily life. By practicing these five simple techniques, you can improve your memory skills and build a good memory.

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