Symptoms of Memory Loss

We all experience moments of forgetfulness. In the speed of life it is easy for information to get lost in the shuffle, but how do you know when this is just forgetfulness or if it is a sign of something more serious? It is important to ask yourself questions and assess what symptoms of memory loss you are experiencing.

  • What symptoms of memory loss are you experiencing? Are you forgetting where you put your keys or are you forgetting information like your son’s birthday? The type of memory recall problems that you are having can be a good indicator of whether or not medical follow-up is needed. If you are beginning to forget information that you use on a regular basis or information that is important to you (like birthdays of family members), then it may be worth checking in with your doctor.
  • Have you had trouble with time or getting lost in familiar places? If you are experiencing these feelings, then it also can be a sign that some brain functions are impaired.
  • Are you asking the same questions and not remembering the answer? Are the people around you commenting that you are asking for information that you have already been given? Memory problems such as frequently not remembering the content of a conversation can be a sign that there are problems with short-term memory.
  • Are you losing things? Are you finding your belongings in places that they might not usually go?
  • Is your personality changing? Often, we may not notice these changes in ourselves; it takes other people to point out that our mood is different or that we look fearful or anxious. A drastic change in personality can also be a sign that brain function is changing.

Understanding the symptoms of memory loss in early detection of more serious memory conditions like dementia. The sooner the problem is identified, the sooner medical treatment can be initiated. Your brain is a powerful tool and it relies on functioning brain cells to do its job. Pay attention to how memory problems are affecting your daily life.

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