Memory Improving and Enhancement Techniques

It’s impossible to learn anything new without employing some form of memorization technique. Learning and memory work hand-in-hand in our ability to acquire, retain and use information. The learning process is how we acquire the information; memory is how we keep the information. In order to improve your study skills, you should learn which memory improving/enhancement techniques will help you to learn information the best.

There are many styles of learning, and we each have our own methods for how we retain information. For some, looking at the information and reading about what it is or how it works is the best scenario. For others, hearing the information makes learning easier. Others need to touch and feel or do the work in order to learn the process. These styles are more commonly known as visual, auditory and tactile learning.

Research has shown that a combination of styles leads to better success at retaining information. For example, in the memory technique of recitation, the person thinks about the information and either writes it out multiple times or repeatedly says the information out loud. It’s been proven that saying the words out loud improves learning because you are employing both the visual method of looking at the information and the auditory method of hearing it. This employs more than one of our senses, so the information enters our brain from multiple sources.

Human memory is a complex system that relies on many brain functions that allow you to move information from your working memory to long-term memory, store it, and then retrieve the information when you need it. From memories and personal experiences to repeating daily tasks and learning new facts, it’s incredible how much knowledge can be stored in our brain’s memory. Our brain is constantly working to learn and store information. By finding the memory improving/enhancement technique that works best for you, you can help your brain complete the learning process.

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