Improve memory skills

Have you ever walked out of a test and asked yourself what went wrong? You spent hours studying the material and you couldn’t remember it. It’s a frustrating experience that has happened to many of us. When this happens to you, you must ask yourself not how long you studied, but how well you studied. Good study skills are essential for good memory retention and memory recall. Here are some tips that can help you improve memory skills.

Don’t be afraid to mark up a book (as long as it belongs to you). Learn the joy of using a highlighter to highlight key words and phrases.

Just reading is not enough. When you are trying to learn new information, you need to take the time to really think about what that information is trying to say. Take time to analyze it or discuss it with a colleague. This will help you to retain the information more effectively in your long-term memory.

Set a schedule for yourself. It may sound silly to draw a calendar out for the week, but trust me; it works. Put everything on there: classes, meetings, social events, time to sleep, etc. This will help you visualize when there are pockets of time to study. Knowing ahead of time that you have an hour to study at 3 p.m. will help reduce the emotional stress of needing to find the time.

Improve memory skills can be a simple process. Find what works for you and work with it. Everyone has their own style for studying, but if you can highlight the key points, analyze the information, and set a schedule for yourself, you will have a great formula for success.

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