Coping With Workplace Stress

Work can be a juggling act of meetings, reports due, staff conflicts and expectations. Work stress can begin to take its toll and affect your overall job performance. Work stress can also lead to memory problems, which will impact your overall job performance. Have you ever forgotten an email or forgotten to attend a meeting? Do too many expectations have you twirling around? Coping with workplace stress is something that is possible to resolve.

Saying “No” is never an easy word. It’s hard to set limits and boundaries when we want to prove that we can do it all. However, there is a major downside to taking on too many tasks. Chances are that you will do a minimal job on the tasks assigned just to get them all completed. If you want to be seen as a superstar, why not focus on a couple of projects and really shine? Also, if you are juggling too many projects at once, your chances of memory problems and forgetting pieces of each project is significantly increased.

Make a schedule for yourself. Prioritize what you need to do each day and set aside time for each task. Yes, there will be days when the schedule will get thrown out the window, but don’t lose heart; it really can be helpful. Getting organized can help you to reduce work stress by allowing space and time for each task. Knowing that at 2:00 p.m. you can have an hour to work on a report can help you to focus on other things rather than stressing about when you can get the report done. Don’t be afraid to use the “Out of Office” response and put your voicemail on “forward” if you need time to focus on a project. You can schedule time for emails and voicemails later in the day.

Work stress can impact your ability to do your job well. Get support from those around you. Talk about projects and get feedback from others. Set limits so that you do not put yourself on the road to burn out. You can be an exceptionally hard worker and still set appropriate boundaries. A worker that takes good care of himself is a productive worker for the company.

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